Satelliteherd Provided BY 3 (Taiyuan) with TT&C

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11:19, November 6th, 2020, BY 3 (Taiyuan) was successfully launched at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center (TSLC), its TT&C and other tech support are provided by Satelliteherd. After the launch, there are now officially three satellites for the “China Teenager Popular Science Satellite Project”, all TT&C and other services are from Satelliteherd.

BY 3 (Taiyuan), for popular science, is the project’s latest satellite, of which students from Jinshan Middle School in Taiyuan were part of the design, research and launch. As a close partner of this project, Satelliteherd made full use of its advantage in satellite communication, building the platform, helping China Aerospace Science & Technology Association carry out educational program on aerospace, as well as making satellites better and easier to use.


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