Zhongwei Remote Sensing Satellite Calibration Field Launch Ceremony

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December 16th, 2020, the 2020 The launch ceremony of Zhongwei Remote Sensing Satellite Calibration Field took place in Star Hotel in Zhongwei city.  

Zhongwei Remoting Sensing Satellite Calibration Field adopts an automated working model, with reflection type moving point light source target, spaceborne synthetic aperture active radar calibrator, automatic angle reflector, and spaceborne laser geometric calibrator, capable of calibration and testing of optics, synthetic aperture radar and laser satellite, while keeping a low cost, high reliability and multi-functionality. Multiple typical natural scenarios and manual objectives can match well under the calibration system. The field also has an integrated multi-layered testing system that centralizes around spaceflight testing, available for strict flighttesting of visible light, near-infrared, infrared, laser radar and synthetic aperture radar, high-frequency radiometric/geometric calibration of in-orbit satellite, payload testing and product testing. It is the first calibration and testing field for both remoting sensing satellite and non-imaging altimetry satellite.

 It is fair to say that after more applications and improvement of technologies, Zhongwei Remoting Sensing Satellite Calibration Field will be an integral part of the international community of this industry, making valuable contributions to the economy and space exploration.

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