Technical service
Integrated on Orbit Satellite Service
Satellite Frequency Coordination and Launch Permit Application

We assist satellite owners to carry out satellite frequency coordination and to apply for launch permit.

Satellite TT&C and Data Transmission Integrated Solution

Relying on the global satellite ground station network and software technology with independent intellectual property rights, we provide global commercial satellite users with more convenient and stable TT&C and data reception services. We deliver high-security services with low-cost.

Satellite Life Cycle Monitoring Service

We provide satellite launch window calculation, launch stage TT&C, on-orbit emergency analysis, off-orbit planning, and monitoring services. Relying on scarce infrastructure, we can also provide services such as satellite in-orbit collision warning and remote sensing satellite calibration.

Satellite Big Data Service

Based on the accumulation and mining of satellite TT&C data, we intend to improve the efficiency of satellite data, extend the service period of satellites, reduce the cost of satellite data, and promote data applications.

Rocket Measurement and Control

We provide services including tracking measurement, state monitoring, and initial orbit prediction after rocket launch.

Laboratory Service for Reliability and Quality Inspection of Aerospace Products
The Aerospace Product Reliability and Quality Testing Laboratory is a third-party professional testing organization under the "Research Center". The laboratory mainly provides reliability professional technology research, reliability appraisal acceptance testing and reliability evaluation.

Service area

  • 01 Environment and Reliability Test
  • 02 High/low temperature test
  • 03 Damp heat test
  • 04 Temperature shock test/temperature change test
  • 05 Salt fog test
  • 06 Thermal vacuum test
  • 07 Temperature-humidity-height comprehensive test
  • 08 Temperature-humidity-vibration comprehensive test
  • 09 Vibration/shock/drop test
  • 10 Reliability enhancement test/highly accelerated stress test
  • 11 Environmental stress screening
  • 12 Reliability growth test
  • 13 Accelerated life test
  • 14 Reliability appraisal/acceptance test
  • 15 High-power antenna and complete machine full-state synthesis

Experiment plan design and data evaluation

  • 1 Strengthen the Experimental Design
  • 2 Optimize design of test plan based on Monte Carlo simulation
  • 3 Accelerated life test scheme design
  • 4 Life and reliability verification test plan design based on statistical methods
  • 5 Accelerated degradation test plan design
  • 6 The design of the life and reliability verification test plan based on the degradation of wearable products
Aerospace Science Education Service
We provide satellite ground station-related teaching materials, tools, etc. We have established research bases in Jinghe (Xinjiang Province), Zhongwei (Ningxia Province), and Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province) for the landing of STEAM education.
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