Multifunctional Integrated Satellite Ground Station- 4.5 Meters

Multifunctional Integrated Satellite Ground Station- 12 Meters

Multifunctional Integrated Satellite Ground Station- 7 Meters

Multifunctional Integrated Satellite Ground Station

Scope of Application:

Support HEO,MEO,LEO satellite TT&C and data downlink.


Support common frequency bands such as L/C/X/Ka band. Capable of operating in multiple frequency bands simultaneously;

Antenna diameters vary from 4.5 meters, 5.4 meters, 7.5 meters, up to 12 meters, with various operating distances (300 kilometers to hundreds of thousands of kilometers) and measurement accuracy;

Support common systems including standard TT&C, spread spectrum TT&C, low-speed data transmission, high-speed data transmission, integration of TT&C and data downlink and other systems to meet various use scenarios;

The fully-motion antenna can reach high elevation angle leaving no blind spots. The antenna is capable of fast phase calibration and zero calibration with stable and reliable self-tracking;

Capable of processing, forwarding, and storing telemetry, telecommand, measurement and payload data according to user needs;

The high-performance baseband supports secondary development. Data transmission rate can reach 1Gbps or more with the capability of polarization and frequency reuse;

Transmitting power is greater than 100W and each dB step is adjustable. The power and operating distance are flexible.

Product Advantages:

High product index, comprehensive ability of TT&C and data reception;

Excellent receiver sensitivity, high measurement accuracy, and strong tracking ability;

Software and hardware equipment support secondary customer-oriented development, with expandable and flexible interfaces based on customer needs;

Overall turn-key services could be delivered including site survey, infrastructure construction, electrical testing, license, operation, and maintenance.


Multi-Band and Multi-functional UHF/VHF Ground Station

Scope of Application:

Support amateur radio and other space-to-earth communication frequency bands that comply with national radio frequency allocation regulations.


Yagi antenna supports left and right-handed circular polarization and linear polarization. Using integrated transceiver, the ground station supports full-duplex and half-duplex working modes in the same frequency band or different bands;

Typical frequency range supported by a single VHF antenna: 140~150MHz, 255~275MHz (customizable);

Typical frequency range supported by a single UHF antenna: 400~460MHz, 460~485MHz (customizable);

The antenna length could be 3m/5m/6m (customizable);

Typical gain value of a 6m VHF band antenna: ≥14dBi (~140MHz), ≥16dBi (~260MHz);

Typical gain value of a 5m UHF band antenna: ≥18dBi (~420MHz), ≥19dBi (~480MHz);

Low noise amplifier gain is greater than 30dB, power amplifier 20~200W;

Adjacent frequency band antennas can be equipped with receiving/transmitting filters. Transceiver isolation is greater than 80dB;

Antenna operation range: AZ-360°~360°, EL 0°~90°;

The antenna pointing accuracy is better than 0.1°

Product Advantages:

With operation modes including standby, manual, program guide, TLE guide, collection, etc.;

With automatic operation ability and remote-control ability;

Modular design: all modules can be disassembled independently;

Two versions: highly integrated version and mobile version. Dimension under collected status: 1.2m(length) *1.2m(width)*1.5m(height)

Integrated Mobile

Integrated Mobile

Integrated Mobile Ground Station

Scope of Application:

Support X-band TT&C and low-speed data transmission reception of commercial satellites.


The feed can be replaced manually. The operating frequency bands include L/C/X-band, and dual-frequency mode is also possible according to customer requirements;

The antenna has high efficiency, low sidelobe level and excellent electrical performance. The polarization modes are switchable between transmission polarization and reception polarization;

The antenna diameters vary from 1.2 meters, 1.8 meters to 3 meters. The parabola is made of carbon fiber material, ensuring high accuracy and light weight. The antenna diameter and materials can also be customized;

The antenna smaller than 1.8 meters has strong portability and 1-2 persons are enough for equipment movement and various tasks. 3 meters antenna is also movable and needs 3-4 persons;

Lightweight design, low power consumption: the system can be powered by portable diesel engines, batteries, etc., and small satellite communication equipment or multi-card multi-mode aggregate communication products can be used for real-time data transmission;

Supports automatic north finding correction, quick level adjustment.

Product Advantages:

Easy and quick to transport, fold and disassemble

220V power supply

Quick leveling and north finding.


Vehicle-Mounted Ground Station

Scope of Application:

The vehicle-mounted TT&C station is mainly used to complete the functions of satellite telemetry, telecommand, speed measurement, ranging, tracking, high-rate data reception, storage and forwarding, and can be extended to complete the S-band rocket telemetry reception.


It adopts one-car one-station loading method, with one-key automatic deployment and withdrawal, automatic north finding, automatic positioning, and automatic vehicle body leveling functions;

Able to receive downlink S/X dual-band standard and non-coherent spread spectrum TT&C signals;

Able to receive downlink X-band satellite transmission signals;

Capable of receiving control commands, command coding, and modulation. And the ground station transmits the modulated commands via the uplink channel;

With S/X dual-band TT&C and data transmission capabilities, with tracking modes such as manual tracking, program tracking, and automatic tracking;

Capable of receiving GPS/Beidou signals and external IRIG-B (AC/DC) time signals, generating local time system and frequency standard;

With automatic phase correction function;

Orbit prediction, mission planning, multi-satellite mission switching, and automatic operation;

Real-time and post-processing, display and printing of telemetry data;

Equipment closed-loop self-checking function, providing telemetry error rate test statistics and frame loss error statistics.

Product Advantages:

Miniaturization, high integration, and rapid folding and unfolding. Adopting universal, standardized, and modular design enables great reducing of the equipment volume. The antenna surface can be easily folded or unfolded. Automatic leveling of the large plate and north finding technology make it possible to the deploy or withdraw the vehicle-mounted TT&C station within 30 minutes, greatly improving the system's rapid response capability and mobile deployment capability.

TT&C and remote sensing data reception functions are integrated in one system. The rocket telemetry data reception and processing function can also be added to meet various requirements.

High level of automation: The system design focuses on automatic monitor and control, automatic operation management, automatic calibration, automatic capture and tracking, and automatic fault diagnosis, improving the overall automation level of the system.

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