Satellite Application

Omnipresent Communication Solution
  • By adopting international standard satellite communication system, the system supports multiple satellite terminal access, and can efficiently connect multiple communication satellite resources;
  • They system solves communication problems in areas without internet, such as remote areas, tunnels, airplanes or ships;
  • The system improves intermittent and unstable communication, organically integrating satellite communication and ground networks, and provides stable and reliable communication connections for Internet of Things devices and mobile carrier users such as airplanes, ships, trains, and automobiles;
  • The superior broadcasting capabilities of satellites can provide efficient data distribution services for the network edge and user terminals.
Construction Safety Electronic Fence System
  • The system helps in protecting and managing key waters, regions, important facilities, and personnel with efficiency, ensuring the safety of ships navigation, berthing, and operation.
  • Establishing intelligent navigation aids and warnings for special waters/regions, the system improves supervision methods, and ensure the safety of ships/personnel in the area.
  • The positioning accuracy can reach up to millimeter level.
Application Cases: Intelligent Control of Road Roller Construction Process
  • Positioning accuracy: 1cm;
  • Using an intelligent monitoring platform, it can remotely monitor the operation status and rolling quality of the roller, effectively providing construction process control. The driver can obtain the current path and the number of rolling in real time through the LCD screen in the cab.
Infrastructure Maintenance Automatic Inspection System
  • Establishing a dedicated IoT communication network for infrastructure facilities in areas with no or weak connection, the system can automatically inspect facility status and return pictures and audiovisual information to the operation monitoring center in time;
Application Case: Wind Farm Wireless Communication
  • Establishing a dedicated wireless communication network for wind farms, covering the whole area of ​​booster stations, wind farms, operation and maintenance vehicles, and wind turbine towers, the system acquires and collects on-site operation and maintenance personnel and equipment status information. Videos, and pictures are reported in real-time and professional personnel is able to provide remote guidance and assistance online and deal with faults in time, improving the overall operation and maintenance efficiency;
Application Scenarios
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